Ferrari Energy, LLC and Wolfhawk Energy Holdings, LLC – Findings, Conclusions, & Judgment

The court makes the following findings of fact and conclusions of law based on the testimony and evidence presented at trial. Based on these findings and conclusions, the court enters judgment in favor of Ramage as to her breach of contract and declaratory judgment claims. The court dismisses Ram age ‘s civil theft claim and dismisses all five counterclaims brought by the defendants.

1. Ramage’s Breach of Contract Claim

A. Findings of Fa.ct

I find these facts to be more likely b:ue than not:

The plaintiff, Joyce Ramage, entered into a purchase and sale agreement with Defendant Ferrari Energy, related to mineral interests Ramage owned in Weld County, Colorado. The agreement was drafted by Ferrari. It provided that Ferrari could select the closing date, so long as the closing took place no later than 45 business days after Ferrari received the signed agreement. Per the terms Read More

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